MD 1100 - Dunkerque (France)


The Port Autonome of Dunkerque ordered a MD 1100 for its dry dock repair. The crane is a pure shipyard crane utilizing all up-to-date technologies such as frequency inverter mechanisms, maintenance aid technology, marine protection, etc ... Its main use is to handle boat diesel engines weighing 50 t. The typical lifts are 10 to 15 t. The crane is mounted for life and has a special marine paint of Manitowoc Red with an overall thickness 240 μm thick. The 150 LCC hoist winch is equipped with DC motors and frequency inverters for trolleying and slewing. The operator cab is equipped with air conditioning has global noise protection as well as facilities bringing maximum comfort to the operator. The crane is equipped with a 2/6 falls 50 t trolley. It can lift 16,5 t with 2 falls for small loads.

Crane specifications

• Maximum radius 60 m / Tip load 13,8 t
• Maximum load 50 t at 20,20 m
• Hook height 56,3 m
• Travelling portal base with a foot print of 10,65 m x 10,65 m and a 8 m clearance through the portal. The portal is travelling on 12 bogies (16 frequency variation motors of 5 kW each)

Shipyard specifications

• Travelling range 500 m